Procedure to Start a new Preschool – Legal requirements, licenses and procedures, NOC etc

You can start a preschool in India in three different ways. If you have a spacious house with a play area, you can start a preschool from the comfort of your house. Alternatively, you can lease or purchase space and start a preschool or you can buy a franchise from a well known preschool brand. A better idea is to start your own preschool. To own a preschool, you need to know the procedure and permissions to start preschool, playschool, daycare or nursery in India.

The basic procedure to start up with licenses and procedure for preschools in India can be described as follows:

  • Research is the first step in the procedure to start a play school. This includes the research of your locality and the preschools existing in it. The types of curriculum and their information can help you finalize your curriculum. Similarly, the knowledge for licenses for opening playschool, daycare, nursery school, primary school is a must. You can also visit the municipal offices and education sectors.
  • Prepare a list of the eligibility of people and other assets required for the preschool. Start with your credentials and those of the staff members. Create checklists for various tasks, infrastructure items and so on. Also find out information about vendors and suppliers related to school equipments.
  • Work on the budget and finances for your school project and make arrangements for the same. Accordingly prepare a business plan and allocate the finances for each category. Curriculum constitutes an important part of the plan and this can help you go ahead with the approvals. Curriculum also relates to the infrastructure and you can work on these factors too to submit your approval plan.
  • Licenses and approvals are a major part. This involves the municipal corporation, education board or council, local education and health departments and legal requirements for setting up our own preschool.
  • Developing the infrastructure, interiors for classrooms, office and other areas including the furniture, set ups and safety items is the most important task. Also plan the insurance of the preschool as per the assets.
  • Recruitment of trained and experienced staff members is a priority too. Teaching and non teaching staff is a part of this
  • Marketing and advertising of your school is extremely important. You can hire professional help for this or plan it on your own.


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