Preschool Franchise in Pune

Pune has a lot many preschools popping up. Ranging from the small scale local preschools to the international brands, there are numerous types emerging in all the areas. If you are keen to offer preschool franchise in Pune, there are ample opportunities that you can tap in various areas. It is a great idea starting your own daycare / preschool / kindergarten / nursery school in Pune city.
For starting a preschool in Pune, you can prefer prime areas that are developing as major settlements and have lesser preschool competitors. Pune is spreading far and wide through different suburbs. International preschools are prominent around IT hubs. Similarly, as Pune has a high percentage of working parents, facilities like pick up and drop services, mid time snacks are preferred. An attached day care is also highly preferred. You can offer these facilities or work them out with the franchisee.


The cost of property and commodities is high in Pune. This adds to the cost of infrastructure as well. You need to work on all these facts when you draft the terms and conditions. If your brand is an established and well known one, you will have no problems in getting franchisee options in Pune. Pune being an education hub and hence preschool business is supposed to be a lucrative business. At the same time, parents are also too aware of the education scenario and you need to ensure that the facilities and education is up to the expectations in the preschool set up in Pune.

We are education consultants and can help you with low investment franchisee and best preschool franchises in Pune. You can get in touch with us if you need to understand how to start a preschool or a primary school in Pune.