Preschool franchise are becoming unsuccessful and less profitable ventures

In India where preschool chains are blossoming throughout small and big cities, opting for a franchise of a well known brand has become a highly profitable business. You already have the good will of the brand and a ready business plan to support you. There are several preschool success stories in India. However, it has been observed that the franchise offshoots of a renowned brand can also be a failure when there are other branches that are performing excellently.


There are a variety of reasons for the preschool franchise failure in India. Some of them can be listed as follows:

The person opting for the preschool franchise opportunity needs to have an educational or related background and experience. People from totally unrelated domains like IT go in for setting up preschools for the sole reason that it is a lucrative business. The intricacies and challenges of managing and educating the tiny tots with due consideration to child psychology may not be fulfilled in such cases.

Most of the preschools offer the best infrastructure facilities and a variety of programs like after school, mother toddler and so on. However, this may not be exactly similar at all the franchise centers.

As it is obvious, there is always some difference between a parent institute and an outlet.

The parent institute takes a lot of efforts to set the standards and maintain the performance consistently. It may be ideal if they expect all the franchise centers to do so and deliver the perfect results as expected. However, some deviation is always possible. Sometimes, there are hidden clauses in agreement and raised fees by franchisor.

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