preschool business planning to get started

If you are planning to start a preschool or a playschool, a systematic business plan will make your work easy. A business plan is a professional document that helps you define the mission and vision of your preschool. It contains the objectives, methodologies of your business, information about your stakeholders, your goals, and financial plans and so on.

Thus a business plan is a concise document that explains the framework of your business and gets you started with preschool business planning. A business plan is essential for various approvals and it also works as a reference document for you.

To get started on a business plan for your preschool, you can create a template with required headings and then gradually update the content. To prepare a business plan, you need to understand the play school requirements in India. The essentials of a playschool / preschool business plan can be listed as follows:


  • Executive Summary: This constitutes a concise explanation of your business with the aims.
  • Introduction: You can list down various aspects starting with a detail introduction of your preschool. The other information that can be a part of the introduction is history, aims and objectives, mission and vision of the institute.
  • Delivery and Management: This chapter should include the methodology of your business. The curriculum and its relevance can be explained. The schedule, extracurricular activities and other details can be explained.
  • Management includes the administration policies, staff recruitment details, training program schedule for the staff and so on.
  • Finance: This is the most important part of the business plan. It should involve the information of assets like space, infrastructure, proposed lists of interior items and equipments. The balance sheets explaining the capital investment with the breakup can be included. If you have opted for loan, the relevant details can go into this section.
  • Annexure: You can have multiple annexure for the respective sections. Here you can attach the supporting documents and data that are required for any of the above section.


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