Preschool assessment and quality check (QC) services

Periodical assessments and quality checks of preschools are gaining importance due to the numerous preschool brands mushrooming in India. The preschools that come up are managed by private education institutes or NGOs and follow simple preschool management techniques. They follow the mandatory requirements laid down by the education department of the state. However, there are a lot many amendments in the administration and management. Like the primary and high schools that have mandatory assessments and inspections, preschools need to have such defined and scheduled checks. Franchises of bigger brands are an independent network within themselves.


The quality checks and assessments for preschools should evaluate the following parameters:


  • Preschool curriculum evaluation research: Though the curriculum is defined from an all round development perspective, it is necessary to check if it is imparted in the same way. Parameters need to be enlisted to check all the aspects including physical assets, teaching methods, evaluation strategies and so on.


  • Facilities: The internal and extra facilities provided by the school should be placed under a check. This includes the safety and hygiene when it comes to stationery items, school equipments, toys, wash rooms, kitchen, food, travel and so on.


  • Assessment of teachers: Teaching staff is recruited on basis of education and certification. Their performance in school also requires evaluation and quality check. This is the most crucial aspect.


  • Finances: The fee structure and any subsequent revisions need a review. It should be verified if exorbitant amounts are not charged from the parents in the name of various expense heads.


Other than the factors listed above, the quality checks should have some uniform parameters that will ensure a thorough check of the quality output that is assured by the preschools.


We are preschool consultants and provide assistance for preparation for the preschool assessment and quality check (QC) services. We also work to support the diagnosis, assessment and evaluation of preschool services in India.