How to interview, hire and select preschool teachers in India

Working as a preschool teacher requires great skill and patience. It is not only the education and certifications that make excellent playschool teachers, but it is the love to be with the kids and the patience and care with which they need to be managed that matters a lot.   Based on the requirement of the curriculum, there are certain eligibility conditions, experience and in some cases additional certifications required to be a preschool teacher. Some education councils and institutes also provide induction and preschool teacher training in India. However, in addition to this, there are certain norms for interviewing the teachers and deciding their selection.   The following points can help you to frame preschool teacher interview questions and answers and can help you to arrive at a decision to hire the teacher:

  • Details and views about the education and preschool certification: This can help you know how the person perceives the training that shapes a teacher. You can also understand the interests of the person during the course of the education and apply them to the profession.


  • Reason to opt for a preschool teaching career: Other than convenience and love for kids, the teacher should be able to explain the concern, devotion and dedication on their part. The challenges in this education should also be understood by them.


  • Provide them examples of a couple of challenging situations and ask them how they would handle them.


  • The SWOT analysis for themselves and how it can be applied to their profession is an important aspect too.


  • The aspects of food, security, health and emergency are very crucial in preschools. You can discuss these in depth with the candidate and know about their knowledge and inputs about them.

Based on the points above, you can frame some more questions that can help you gain a perspective about the personality of the candidate so as to make a decision of recruitment.   We, as education consultant guide you to prepare early childhood teacher interview questions and answers.