Crèche facility law in India


Crèche facility law in India

One of the stumbling blocks for women empowerment has been the rather low participation of women in formal jobs. That is because, no sooner does she conceive, she has to quit the job to take care of her child. While motherhood is the greatest blessing for any woman, the responsibilities of childcare have often robbed many women of higher positions in the corporate world. One glaring drawback preventing women from continuing in their career has been the absence of proper crèche/childcare facilities. Get in touch with us if you want to open a crèche near your house of for your corporarte or start creche facility for employees. We are consultants for setting up baby creche centre, creches, corporate day cares in India

What is the new or latest Crèche facility law in India. The new crèche facility law in India is therefore a welcome introduction that will now enable many women to confidently carry on with their career, knowing fully well that they are not compromising on the welfare of their child.

Till now the home based crèche has been the norm in India where the caretaker takes care of children at her home that are left behind by working parents. This lady may or may not have an ayah or nanny to help her. However, that system is not finding much favor due to many incidents of neglect of the children that have surfaced and parents are seeking a more formal arrangement with clear laws and responsibilities laid out for a government or private run childcare centre.

The Right To Education Act and the new Maternity Benefit Bill has not only made education free for children up to the age of 10 years but also laid down clear rules and regulations on the running of crèches. It has specified that any employer with more than 50 employees have to make arrangements for a daycare/crèche facility within the premises. This will enable many women to be near their child and also concentrate on their jobs.

For other crèches/daycare facilities where the children have to be based till their parents pick them up in the evening or if they have to stay within the crèche itself, the crèche facility law in India further lays down the following:

  • The crèche has to have sufficient space per child of a minimum of 8 sq feet.
  • It should be well lit, ventilated and hygienic.
  • The caretaker should have completed the crèche certification course.
  • The children will have a play area that is separate from the centre.
  • The children will have access to toys, learning material that will be updated as and when needed.
  • Children will have clean mattresses, pillows and bedsheets.
  • They will be medically examined regularly and proper records will be maintained by the caretaker for scrutiny at any time.
  • The crèche will have proper security at all times.
  • The administrator/caretaker must ensure regular maintenance of items like utensils, toys, mattresses, pillows, walkers and white goods.
  • Top class hygiene and first aid box have to be well stocked.

It is expected that with the above laws in place, women will be encouraged to continue working. Moreover, children too will feel more comfortable with the care and empathy at these day care centres. For more details on how to start a creche in india, contact us.


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