Basic requirements for starting a preschool, daycare, play school, nursery school in India

 Developing a preschool involves a lot of hard work and planning. There are several tasks that need to be listed out and followed meticulously. This may start from searching for the perfect space and developing the infrastructure to finally recruiting the staff and marketing your business. You can develop a preschool to provide the best of the facilities to the toddlers and for this you can extend your budget to your will. Also the requirements differ based on cities. For example, requirements for starting a preschool in Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Pune, and Bangalore differ slightly from minor cities. However, there are certain basic requirements that are minimal and need to get you going.

The following list describes the basic requirements for preschool:

  • You need a space of your own or at least a space that is leased out for a long duration. Irrespective of whether it is a franchise or your own business, a space is a primary requisite. You need to understand the expectation of the minimum area for a new preschool. The location for preschools / daycare / pre primary schools also matters.
  • A sound and quality infrastructure is important. This constitutes classrooms, play area, wash rooms, pantry and office. The space need not be very large but must be adequate and well ventilated. The interior can be simple but has to be convenient for the kids and of good quality. A colorful interior is recommended for preschools. Cleanliness, hygiene and safety are relevant and that goes without saying. The preschool market in India exhibits a lot of variation.
  • A complete and clear documentation is expected from every preschool. These could be sanction letters from the bank, approvals and licenses from the authorities or curriculum approvals from the education board. Every single paper should be approved and maintained for records.


  • The staff whether teaching or non teaching, needs to be experienced, trained and genuinely interested in spending time with the kids. Disinterested individuals can create problems and negative impact on the tiny minds.
  • If travel and snacks are school provided, the quality and punctual delivery is important for both the things. The food should be checked for quality and provided timely and in adequate amounts. Travel agency should be reliable in all aspects so as to avoid mishaps.
  • You need to update yourself with respect to your background. If you do not have academic experience, it is advisable to get some. Similarly, consulting experts from your domain periodically is also a wise decision.
  • The framework of fees versus the facilities must be transparent. A schedule for interaction with parents from time to time regarding academics and administration is important.


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