preschool franchise india – Services

If you are planning to start you own preschool, you need to have a professional business plan in place. This includes details of the variety of efforts that you are expected to put in to start your business venture. This includes capital, space, infrastructure, documentation, and curriculum and so on. If you are planning to expand your preschool business by starting a chain of preschools in various cities or by extending franchise opportunities, you require an extensive research of the market and a well planned business offer for your clients.


We are preschool and education consultants in Mumbai. Our consultancy is a one stop solution for all types of queries related to academics. We offer the following services:


  • Curriculum planning and designing
  • Developing franchise offers for preschools
  • Low investment preschool options
  • Working on approvals and legal documentation for preschools
  • Planning customized schedules for preschools
  • Consultancy in recruitment and teacher training for preschools
  • Assistance in infrastructure and purchases for preschools
  • Counseling services for parents and preschoolers
  • Consulting for planned activities and teaching aids
  • Marketing, advertising and branding services for preschools
  • Guidance to start day care, play school and primary schools
  • Designing after school programs, mother toddler programs
  • Consulting for preschool assessment and quality checks
  • Brand creation and development


Other than the services listed above, you can get in touch with us for any customized service that you require for a preschool business.